Learning Lions Schedule

7:00-8:00am Arrive (wash hands/use bathroom with parents/sign in on name tags), free play, journal and writing activities

8:00-8:30am Breakfast

8:30-8:40am Bathroom

8:40-9:05am Job choice, calendar and weather watchers

9:05-9:15am Story and language time with Miss Vicki

9:15-9:45am Letter of week or theme activity

9:45-10:00 am Bathroom

10:00-10:15am Morning snack

10:15-10:30am Bathroom

10:30-11:30am Physical Activity (indoor/outdoor)

11:30-11:45am Bathroom

11:45-12:00pm Mini activity (health/science/social studies)

12:00-12:30pm Lunch

12:30-12:45pm Bathroom

12:45-2:15pm Nap and rest time

2:15-2:30pm Bathroom

2:40-3:00pm Educational video

3:00-3:15pm Afternoon snack

3:15-3:30pm Bathroom

3:30-4:15pm Free time (indoor/outdoor)

4:15-5:00pm Math or Science activities with Miss Cleora

5:00-5:10pm Bathroom

5:10-5:30pm Art or games

5:30-6:00pm Time to go home!

*Restrooms are always available as needed on an individual basis.

*On Friday’s we have Yoga, so dress comfortable!