Staff Bios

Administrative/Support Staff

 Jamie Thomas, Founder & Board Member

Jamie grew up outside of Milwaukee, WI and graduated with a degree in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (Go Badgers!). After teaching 4th and 5th grade in Baltimore, MD for just 2 years, she made the choice to leave teaching when her first child was born. It was during this time that she really dove into learning much more about very early childhood education as it was important for her and her family to set her kids up for success right from the very beginning. When her daughter was 1, she began taking care of another child whose parents were teachers. Not long after, she had another child and  continued to take care of children whose parents were teachers. Helping other teachers in this way helped her feel connected to education in a positive way. Jamie's family moved to Chicago in 2005 and her husband began working for Noble Network of Charter Schools. Knowing what a difficult decision it can be to stay in the classroom or stay home with your child when you start a family, she wanted to do something to continue to improve education and Noble Day Care was born. She is extremely proud that Noble Day Care provides a great environment for kids where we’re focused on having lots of fun and making sure kids are set up to be successful once they move to grammar school and beyond.

Yesenia Espinoza, 6:45AM-3:15PM Director,

Founding Staff Member since opening February 2010

I grew up in the West Town neighborhood and have been working for Noble Network since 2006. In 2008, I transitioned over to Noble Day Care becoming a founding staff member as NDC’s assistant director. I try to spend some time in all the classrooms when possible, but I find myself in the Wildcat’s room more frequently.  I graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale majoring in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Spanish. My goal is to continue growing as a professional to give the children at NDC the best possible learning experiences that will help them develop and get ready not only for kindergarten but for life. 

 Yadira Contreras, 9:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Assistant Director-

NDC Staff Member since May 2013

I began to work for Noble Day Care back in May of 2013. I started working part time as the Learning Lions afternoon teacher. I quickly learned that Noble Day Care was home and began to work as a full-time teacher at the start of the new school year in 2014. I decided to leave Noble Day Care in the Spring of 2016 to pursue a new adventure and new opportunities in Mexico- where I was an ELL teacher at the university level. Recently I was given the position of Assistant Director at Noble Day Care. Although I made the transition from teaching in the classroom to administration, my passion for teaching has not decreased in the least bit. I plan to continue to connect with the students and make an impact on them and their growth as I have in the last four years. 

Janette Zabala 7:00AM-3:30PM, Kitchen/Classroom Support,

NDC staff member since January 2020


Baby Bobcats Staff

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Adilene Ortiz, Lead Teacher, 12:00PM-5:30 PM

NDC staff member since January 2018

My name is Adilene and I am a teacher in the Bobcats classroom. I attended Morton College and took ECE classes. I recently transferred to NEIU to finish my undergrad in ECE. I truly love working with children of all ages. I enjoy to be in a profession where I am allowed to guide and observe children at such a fun and important developmental stage in their lives. I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a nurturing, loving environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence while they play.  I look forward to continued success and new discoveries with an amazing team of teachers at Noble Day Care. 

Maria Contreras, Assistant Teacher, 12:00PM-5:30PM

NDC Staff Member since August of 2018

I am currently an Assistant Teacher in the Bobcats classroom, something which I truly enjoy. I really enjoy spending my day with my infants and bonding with them. Being an AT is very rewarding especially when I see the baby Bobcats reach many milestones with the help of their teachers. 
I am so honored to be part of the NDC family. 

Wondrous Wildcats Staff

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Vanessa Sanchez, Lead Teacher, 7:30AM-12:45PM

NDC staff since September 2018


Hola! My name is Vanessa Sánchez but people also call me Vane. I am one of the lead teachers in the Wildcats’ classroom. I graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. I have always had a passion for working with children and love being a teacher. It truly amazes me how much the children and I learn from each other every single day. I am happy to be part of NDC and will do my best to build the children’s learning, curiosity, and confidence.

Katherine Lopez-Meza, Assistant Teacher, 7:30AM-12:45PM,

NDC Staff Member since January 2020
Hello! I am Katherine Lopez but best known by Ms. Kathy.  I am an assistant for the Wondrous Wildcats classroom and love every bit of it! I graduated from Golder College Prep and plan on returning back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. I learned from early on that taking care of young children is a big responsibility as well as a rewarding one where you get to see the growth of each and every little one in your care. Joining the Noble team has led me to countless of amazing experiences and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Yesenia Barragan, Assistant Teacher, 2:00PM-5:30PM

NDC Staff Member since February 2019

Hello! I’m Ms. Yesenia. I’m a podcast and audio book fanatic, a country music lover, and a travel enthusiast. I’m an Assistant Teacher in the Wondrous Wildcats classroom. Growing up as the oldest of 5 siblings, I’ve always had a passion for working with children and I’m glad that I get to bring that love to the NDC family. The sense of community at the daycare is very prevalent. We all work together to provide the children with a wonderful and safe learning environment and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that NDC has provided me with. 



Kalliope Sarris, Assistant Teacher, 8:00AM-4:30PM,

NDC staff member since August 2014

Hi! My name is Kalliope, but people know me as Popi. I am a first born Greek American who is also fluent in Spanish. I currently reside in Chicago where I have obtained my Associate’s Degree in Arts from Wright College. I began working with children at the young age of 14 and since then my love for children has lead me to pursue opportunities such as joining Noble Day Care, where I could continue to provide children with the best knowledge and understanding that I can possibly offer them. Since starting Noble Day Care in July of 2014, I have had the opportunity to work in the Bobcats (infants 6 weeks or older) classroom, which I thoroughly enjoy!

I have recently become an assistant teacher in the Wildcats (15 months or older) classroom. It's an environment where children are being prepared with social skills they will need to move on to the next class and the outside world. It has been a pleasure so for working with everyone and getting to know every staff member and child.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy shopping, and spending time at the lakefront during warm summer days.


Cynthia Choice, Lead Teacher, 9:30-6:00PM

NDC staff member since February 2017

My name is Cynthia Choice, I started working for Noble on February of 2017. I am a wonderful mother to five awesome boys who love to play sports. I graduated from Kaplan University with my associates degree in Early Childhood Development, and on my way to pursue my Bachelors as we speak. I  greatly appreciate being a part of the Noble Team. I am working with the wonderful Wondrous Wildcat babies as a lead teacher. I've been working with children for 7yrs. now. They give me the inspiration to teach, help them learn and watch them grow. 


Terrific Tigers

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Lenny Alarcon, Lead Teacher, 7:30AM-1:45PM

NDC staff member since January 2012

My name is Lenny Alarcon and I am a lead teacher in the Terrific Tigers' classroom. I started as a lead teacher in the Baby Bobcat's classroom, made my way to the Wildcats, and finally, the Tigers. I have been in the Tigers' classroom for four years. I graduated from National Louis University in June of 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Practice. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Early Childhood Administration at NLU. I have always wanted to be a teacher but it took me a while to finally settle on Early Childhood. I love working with children and it amazes me what young children are capable of doing. I am so happy to be part of the Noble family and will continue to do my best for all the children that walk through the door of Noble Day Care.

Katrina Robles, Lead Teacher, 12:00PM-5:30PM

NDC staff member since August 2018
My name is Katrina Robles, but for my lovely young friends, I go by Ms. Kat. I am a lead teacher for the Terrific Tigers, and it is truly terrific to be here in the NDC family. I graduated from Coe College with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. I have always had a passion for working with children, and my young friends always continue that passion by showing me how intelligent and smart they already are. We learn from one another everyday, and that's the best part of it all because I can only get better in my ways of teaching by learning their interest and exploring others' interests. 

Learning Lions

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Danielle Capalad, Lead Teacher, 7:30AM-12:45PM


Ivonne Vazquez, Lead Teacher, 1:45PM-5:30PM

NDC Staff Member since February 2020

Hello! My name is Ivonne Vazquez and I have been working as a Lead Teacher in the Learning Lion’s room at Noble Day Care since February 2020. I am also a Noble alumni, I attended and graduated from Golder College Prep high school in 2015. I then attended National Louis University and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in November 2019. I have always enjoyed working with children, I especially enjoy working with children between the ages of 3-5 years old. I am always amazed by working in the Learning Lion’s room, I love seeing each child blossom and bloom as they continue to learn new subjects and improve their skills each month. I am truly happy being a part of the Noble family and I am looking forward to watching the Learning Lion’s grow into intelligent kindergarteners.